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Well, We Know That Its Probebly Not Your Favorite Part Of Your Job

And you are right! it shouldn't be. Let Peloton Experts lead this part for you!

Audits and SAM engagements can be unpleasant.

the tension and the uncertainty that may be involve with this processes could be irritating, while the financial and compliance matters could lead to very high risks for the organization.

working with Peloton Consulting, you will be able to bring to the table of the audit discussion all the relevant and up-to-date information about the process and on all licensing matters, so we will proactively help you protect your organization and to prevent unnecessary costs.

if you approached by software vendor to perform an audit for SAM (Software Asset Management) call us today and we will equipped you with all the information and tools you need to protect your organization.

having said that, I Peloton Consulting we believe that the best way to handle audit or in SAM engagement is before its began.

As part of our proactive consulting approach we support our customers with methods, processes and tolls which are used in the ongoing so your organization will mitigate the risk and prevent unplanned monetary expenses

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